TOMBSTONE BOLD - Signature Blend
TOMBSTONE BOLD - Signature Blend
TOMBSTONE BOLD - Signature Blend

TOMBSTONE BOLD - Signature Blend

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SunRoast Coffee's Exclusive Tombstone Gun Powder Blend! 

The Wild, Wild West always needs a little extra. Introducing SunRoast Coffee's Gun Powder Blend. This DARK, BOLD and DARING blend of Central American Coffees, is smooth and sweet with dark chocolate notes for a truly decadent experience.

Don't let it fool you... it's got a KICK.

Origin: Blend of Central American Coffee’s
Roast Level: Dark Roast
Cupping Notes: Sweet, Smooth, Bold, Dark Chocolate

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Warren Borges

Not near as strong as I was hoping

Peggy Lasher
Tombstone Treat

I start my day with a mug or two of Tombstone coffee. I prefer bold coffee, so it’s perfect for me.
I enjoy the coffee fragrance as my mug is being filled, then I enjoy every sip.
The fragrance, the taste - a great way to start my day!

Jacqueline Colwell

I love these coffee and the way they package them! I love the Tombstone Bold! I got the Gun Powder Blend and it is everything I want in my coffee

Tombstone Bold, IS bold and flavorful!

I tried another brand of dark blend that promised more than it delivered & the K-cup must have been only half-full, for even an 8 oz. cup was weak. But Tombstone Bold delivered the goods as promised, and within my budget! Thanks Sunroast!

Lyda Gonzales
Tombstone Bold

Absolutely love the smell and taste of freshness in this coffee ☕☕☕