Our 2020 Story

2020 was a hard year for both small business and the economy. 

So why did we start a coffee company right in the middle of it? 

Like many people, our team switched work-from-home” and didn't have the chance to go to our local coffee shop in the morning. Instead we drank a lot of k-cup coffee from home and thought why is k-cup coffee so bad? K-cups have a reputation of being stale, watery, weak,... just plain blah. But it's just so convenient! After tons of research, it turns out that most k-cup coffee is ground and roasted months, maybe years before it hits the shelves at the store. It's stale before it's even set out for you to purchase. 

As self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs and working in the technology sector we thought, there is no reason to have to drink stale coffee and we were bound and determined to find a better way.

But how do you combine fresh good-quality coffee with the convenience of single serve, and make a great cup of coffee? Take a retired Chief in the US Air Force, a life-long Director of Operations in manufacturing, throw in a sales and marketing guru and you get SUNROAST COFFEE COMPANY. 

Instead of reinventing the wheel with our own coffee, we decided to support local and partner with the very local, premium roasters and coffee shops that were shut down during the pandemic and designed our very own specialty k-cups so we can provide you with the freshest coffee available. At SunRoast Coffee Company our coffee never “sits on on shelf." We procure your coffee within 24 hours of you ordering from our partner roasters and grind the coffee. We then allow it to settle/degass for 48-72 hours. This is an integral part to the single-serve process as it allows the coffee to degas once ground. This settling period is absolutely essential to fully develop the coffee that goes into your single serve cup. Within 3-4 days of being ground your coffee is packaged, sealed, and ready to ship directly to your door!

You will receive the freshest specialty coffee available for you to enjoy in the convenience of a single-serve cup that you can brew from home from your very own Keurig.
Try SunRoast Coffee today… we know you’ll love it, and we guarantee it will be the freshest coffee in a single serve cup you will ever have.

With SunRoast , convenience and quality are together at last. We roast and grind your coffee only after you order it. No one else can say that.