Is SunRoast Coffee US owned? 

We are US Owned and Operated. We roast, grind, package, and ship from the Valley of the Sun in Phoenix, Arizona.

Does SunRoast Coffee have any half-caff offerings?

We do! You can check out our special Sedona Red Half Caff blend here. 

Does SunRoast Coffee have any decaf offerings?

We do! Please check out our current decaf coffee offerings here.  

What is the decaf process? 

Our decaf blends are decaffeinated using the water process.

How fresh is your coffee?

All our coffee is ground AFTER you order it, so you're being sent coffee that is fresher than any coffee you would ever be able to buy on the shelf. 

Where do you buy your beans? 

We only buy our coffee from qualified Arizona-based roasters.  They in turn source their beans from organic, small farms whenever possible from Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and other choice farms from around the world.

Is your coffee organic?

We partner only with small batch, independent roasters, and we carefully screen them not just for their bean sourcing practices, but for their overall attention to quality in the finished product, so we buy organic coffees whenever possible.

Do you offer repeat orders or a monthly subscription? 

Yes!  Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for subscription specials and limited edition releases!

Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes. Economy Shipping is always free on orders over $35. 

Do your k-cups work in all Keurig models? 

All of our single serve cups are Keurig 2.0 compatible.

How do you ship? 

Our best rates are with USPS. However, for expedited shipping we may use FedEx or UPS as well!