SunRoast Sampler / Gift Box Variety Pack (8 pack)
SunRoast Sampler / Gift Box Variety Pack (8 pack)
SunRoast Sampler / Gift Box Variety Pack (8 pack)
SunRoast Sampler / Gift Box Variety Pack (8 pack)

SunRoast Sampler / Gift Box Variety Pack (8 pack)

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One of the biggest reasons pod coffee tastes horrible, is that by the time it gets to you, the coffee has already begun to go stale. K-Cup coffee has been ground days, weeks, possibly even years before you drink it.
NOT AT SunRoast Coffee Company. Ours never sits on the shelf waiting for you to order. We roast AFTER you buy. Within 3-4 days of being ground your coffee is packaged, sealed, and ready to ship directly to your door.

Try it for yourself or send this SunRoast coffee gift box to a friend or loved one. This is REAL Arizona Coffee. FREE SHIPPING ON US!

Receive 8 pods of our SunRoast Coffee. Our small variety gift pack is the perfect way to try before you buy or subscribe to SunRoast. 

  • The SunRoast Variety Pack includes 2 Grand Canyon Breakfast Blend pods, 2 Tombstone Bold pods, 2 Cactus Decaf Pods and 2 Sedona Red Half Caff pods
  • SunRoast K-Cup pods are designed for use with the Keurig 2.0 Single Cup Brewing System

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sandra Keith

I like getting to try each flavor. I just received my full order of coffee and look forward to enjoying each cup.

Judy Radovic

SunRoast Sampler / Gift Box Variety Pack (8 pack)

Stephen Pudinski
Nothing Special

I am a dark coffee drinker. The Gunpowder leaves a bit of an aftertaste. The Morning Blend is okay but seems weak. The Half Caf and Decaf are not my things. Thanks for the offer. I may order the dark roast later.

Lyda Gonzales
Sampler pack

Would have been nice if I could have picked the pods I use since I don't do decaf or half n half

Great first choice

The sample box gives you a selection of all of SunRoasts selections. This gives you the chance to select the specific blend you like. I have sent two sample packs to friends. One has made a full order, and I believe the second is going to.

Once I finished my sample pack, I set up an autoship of my favorite.