The SunRoast Process

To get the best single serve coffee, we believe you must start with the best coffee.

We considered starting our own coffee roastery, but why reinvent the wheel?  Our passion is putting the finest coffee available in a single-serve cup.  Partnering with small specialty roasters provides us with that flexibility in our mission to create the best single-serve coffee available.

We analyze their process from “seed-to-cup”.  We look for the passion they show when they describe their process.  We look for roasters who believe there is a true connection to a coffee that extends beyond the flavor profile. This is not the mass-produced product, but the small batch roasters that truly love what they do and are proud of the coffee they produce.

Once we find a roaster we love and connect with, we create a unique brand around the blend we’ve selected.

When you order, we get to work…

We start with the freshest coffee available.  It never “sits on the shelf”, waiting for you to order.  First, your coffee is procured within 24 hours of you ordering from our partner roaster, then we allow it to settle/degass for 48-72 hours.  This is an integral part to the single-serve process as it allows the coffee to degas once ground.  This settling period is absolutely essential to fully develop the coffee that goes into your single serve cup.

Within 3-4 days of being ground your coffee is packaged, sealed, and ready to ship directly to your door!

You will receive the freshest specialty coffee available for you to enjoy in the convenience of a single-serve cup.

Try SunRoast Coffee today… we know you’ll love it, and we guarantee it.