SunRoast Combo Sample Pack (40 Pack)
SunRoast Combo Sample Pack (40 Pack)
SunRoast Combo Sample Pack (40 Pack)

SunRoast Combo Sample Pack (40 Pack)

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Decisions are hard.  Let us help you out! With our SunRoast Combo Pack enjoy 10 single-serve cups of each of our 4 signature blends (40 Pack Total).

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Customer Reviews

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Jack Vroman

Still trying coffee



Paul James
Combo Sample Pack Review

I was really hoping for a fantastic experience. The evening the shipment arrived I opened the decaf and brewed a cup. Sadly there was no smell as the water pumped into the pod and the output was very clear. I had pressed the 6oz button so about half a cup; looking top down I was able to see the bottom. Sadly this was not a good cup of coffee. The next morning I tried the breakfast blend with the same result. I decided to cut the top of the used pod open and found dry coffee about .33in from the top. Now it was time to get creative. Grabbed another and opened the pod and dumped it into a drip basket and poured 6oz of boiling water over the top. The grind wasn't right for this method but it was an acceptable cup of coffee. Sorry, I really wanted to rave about your coffee, but I believe there is a problem with the pods.

Steve Risch
Great Variety

I enjoy three of the four blends. The Tombstone Bold is way too strong for me. My favorite is the Sedona Red (Half-Calf) and second favorite is the Cactus Decaf. The Decaf has a unique flavor and I don't realize that I'm drinking a Decaf.

Frederic Pineau
Tasty Variety of Coffee

I enjoyed the sample pack of SunRoastCoffee. My taste runs to stronger coffee; my favorite coffee flavor was the bold followed by the breakfast blend.